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Emigrating to Canada ?
from the UAE / GCC / Middle East ?
our services are FREE !
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Introduction ..
Canada is a land of wonderful opportunity, for you and for your children, providing one of the highest standards of living in the world, alongside free schooling & health services, and life within a secure & democratic environment. 

This environment, however, is ever changing under pressure from economic & other factors, and may be quite different to the environment, for instance, in the Middle-East. The workplace in Canada today, for example is quite different to that in the Middle East, and we believe the key to successful emigration is good preparation, and honest guidance. 

We aim to provide the best all-round package, covering the entire process from obtaining the Residence Visa to re-settlement in Canada. 

Why should you come to us ?

Having been through the immigration process ourselves, and after many years of helping others emigrate happily and settle successfully in Canada, we understand only too well the hopes, aspirations, problems, doubts, sometimes fear, disappointments even trauma that people face both before and after immigration. We believe it is not sufficient to offer just Visa services, but is vital to include re-settlement help as well, such as employment guidance, complimentary Airport pickup and initial accommodation in Toronto. 

We also believe it is important to offer these services at a better rate than you would find elsewhere. We achieve this by negotiating better rates with immigration & related professionals in Canada, and we work on a commission from the lawyers, at no extra cost to you. 

A LIVE peek at our office !
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What do we offer?
* Free assessment of your Residence Visa potential by Canadian lawyers
*  Visa Application processing
* Re-settlement Help (advanced Job Search, Accomodation bookings, Airport pickup)
Our office is based in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the U.A.E. - local to you, and staffed by dedicated people who speak your language, and understand your situation. 
How safe is it ? 
We deal only with lawyers registered with the Canadian Bar Association, and Immigration Consultants licensed by Association of Immigration Counsel of Canada. All payments are made by Bank Draft, solely to these entities, and to the Receiver General for Canada. All proposals are backed by our full money-back guarantee.
So, its not really free, is it?
You pay us nothing, but there are Lawyers fees, as well as Government of Canada charges
Would I qualify ?
To enable us to assess your potential, we ask you to kindly fill out the attached
preliminary questionnaire
and return to us for an assessment.
Any Questions ?   Drop us a line !!
Mubeen A. Cutchi 
Canadian Immigration Consultant
1735 Cumberland Road, Aurora, IL 60504, USA 
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